Beary Public Safety Group

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“Security is everyone’s business.” At the heart of any kind of security is the ability to manage emergency situations. Emergency management (or disaster management) is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. Effective emergency management relies on thorough integration of emergency plans at all levels of government and non-government involvement. Activities at each level (individual, group, community) affect the other levels. The Beary Public Safety Group has been involved in every phase of the emergency management industry and has proven itself to be a leader in some of the United States’ most egregious emergencies. In addition, the Beary Defense Group has positioned itself to be among the most sought after experts for the defense of public safety officers and officials in the country. We specialize in all aspects of emergency management:

  • Mitigation
  • Preparedness/Training
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Expert witness


Contact us today and let us make the safety of your company’s most valuable assets “our business.”