The Beary Public Safety Group addresses the risks clients face in today’s world. We provide clients with a wealth of experience and intensive problem-solving strategies. Our services adhere to the high standards of excellence, efficiency and discretion that clients have come to expect for over 25 years.

Services Offered:
Corporate Security
Corporate security identifies and effectively mitigates or manages, at an early stage, any developments that may threaten the resilience and continued survival of a corporation. It is a corporate function that oversees and manages the close coordination of all functions within the company that are concerned with security, continuity and safety.

Emergency Management
Emergency management personnel are invaluable when disaster strikes. These men and women are trained to manage emergency situations and respond to the needs of the people quickly and efficiently. Disaster management professionals may be responsible for evacuating a town in danger, managing the distribution of food to people in crisis, or overseeing the provision of medical care to injured people. They are needed in all types of emergencies, including hurricanes, terrorist attacks, airport security, or chemical spills.

Law Enforcement Management
Law Enforcement Management requires a number of skills and trained ideas that are designed to enhance the management and supervisory skills of law enforcement personnel in the state who are promoted to positions of leadership within their agencies. These training sessions emphasize improving one’s ability to better supervise or manage an agency, enhancing interaction with citizens and fellow workers, and developing additional education or skills that benefit the law enforcement profession.